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    —————————–Road to 20 pull ups————————————————

    Stuck between 4-10 pull ups? Use these programs to help you improve on your pull ups.

    (I am not the creator of these work outs )

    Major Charles Lewis Armstrong

    Program name: Armstrong program
    Link: http://www.savannahstate.edu/cost/nrotc/documents/Inform2010-thearmstrongworkout_Enclosure15_5-2-10.pdf

    Program name: Recon Ron program
    Link: http://webpages.charter.net/bert/reconron.html

    about an hour ago

  2. Irrelevant to pull-ups, but wasn’t sure where to post.

    For starters, if you’re a fatbody, I feel for ya. I know it sucks. However, I was fat from the time I was 6 months old, to 18 years old. I’ve gone from being 5’3″ 226lbs (female), to 160 lbs. That being said, excuses are just bull. You’re either lazy, eat like crap, or just an unpleasant mixture of the two. Top 3 pieces of advice. 1. HYDRATE. You will feel like complete and utter hell all the time, if you don’t hydrate properly. You won’t want to PT, you won’t feel good enough to, and it’ll hinder your weight loss without the proper water intake to flush out the nasty garbage in your system. 2. Quit taking ‘no’ for an answer. Weight loss is much more than working out and eating right. You need to make your plan of action and get it done, no excuses, no complaints, get it done and like it. 3. No sugar! Knock off your soda, fast food, candy, all the nasty stuff right now. You don’t need it, you never did. Get committed. I have a lot more advice and whatnot at http://soontobe0151.blogspot.com , I post pretty frequently, and you can ask me any question under the sun, I’ll answer to the best of my ability. I post pictures all the time too, so check out how fat I was and how fat I’m not now, get yourself moto-vated. Think or say you can’t do it, I’ll call you a liar…and be correct.
    Stay moto, God bless.
    -A Jarrah

    • harsh but true ive been trying to get healthy but all i gauned was muscle and i still catn even do five pull ups

  3. The recruiters at my RSS also told us this helpful tip. Do NOT lower yourselves down slowly. Just get a good grip on that bar, pull up, and drop down into the hanging position.

    It helps conserve the energy you’d normally use trying to lower yourself down. Once I started doing this I found myself being able to squeeze out an extra pull up or two.

    Hope it helps.


  4. That grip switch is a heaven-send. At the moment, I can do about 7 pulls depending on whichever grip I’m in, but when I pair them together I can hit 13-15 before the muscle shocks start to kick.

  5. Everyone says to just do pullups everyday but that’s exactly what you DON’T want to do. When you workout you actually are tearing the muscle fibers in your arms and when they tear they grow back stronger, thus your muscles gut stronger and bigger. If you’re working out you’re arms everyday you’ll be working out like crazy without very much results. What you should do is workout your arms every other day to give your fibers time to heal. On the days you are working out your arms you need to workout HARD because keep in mind, you won’t be doing that the next day. I’d recommend taking protein after your workouts because it makes those fibers heal stronger and faster. On the days you’re not working out your arms obviously you should focus on running and abs. However, your legs and abs are something that can be worked out everday but you should focus heavily on them on your non upper body days. I’ve been doing sports my whole life and was really good in highschool and now I’m one of the top recruits in my pool and that plan is what I’ve been following. Hope my advice helps. Oorraahh!

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