5 comments on “PULL – UP PYRAMID WORKOUT

  1. i had a free day during weights last year in school…..i did this with a buddy i raised my pullups from around 6 to 13-15 it works

  2. You dont need to go all way up to 10 pullups, or if you can do more you can go further before coming back down,

    A good rule of thumb is to take a small break after you reach the top of the pyramid ie cant do any more, shake out your arms before you move back down so that you dont miss the next set

  3. If you want to try something new I mix pull ups with 8 count body builders. Jump on the bar do a pull up, drop down and immediately go into the body builder on the final jump up jump straight into a pull up. Now you can aim for 20(or your max) or use the pyramid method. 1 pull up into body builder, 2 pull ups after the second pull up THEN you do ONE body builder, 3 pull ups into ONE body builder etc etc….if want to go a lil hardcore after the body builder sprint 10-15 yards and do ammo can lifts(or anything 30 lbs) bear crawl/high crawl/sprint/inch worm whatever you like back into the pull up bar and repeat

  4. When you say there is no rest period, do you mean there is no rest period between each set of an exercise (ex: do 3, no rest, do 6, no rest, do 9), or do you mean no rest period between the various exercises (ex: after finishing pull-ups, immediately go to crunches).


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